Humanized Mouse models

There has been a recent surge in research involving “humanized” mice that can be used reliably as a predictive in vivo system to study complex biological processes. We are developing humanized mouse models for different areas of investigation including infectious diseases, vaccine development, cancer immunotherapy as well as regenerative medicine and B-cell developmental biology.

We have successfully constructed and extensively characterized the following three humanized mouse models:

  • hNSG
  • BLT
  • GTL

For published data on our reconstituted humanized mice please see FAQ

More information on the development and ongoing research involving different humanized mouse models can be found in the ‘Our Published Studies’ section.

Establishment of HIV vaginal infection model in hNSG, BLT, and GTL humanized mice. All three mouse models have been found to support a productive HIV-1 infection when the virus was administered via the intravaginal route.  Specifically, 80-90% of Depoprovera pre-treated mice exposed to a single low dose inoculum of an R5-tropic HIV virus could be infected as detected by quantitative Real Time RT-PCR.  The earliest viremia was detected by 3-4 weeks and the peak viremia occurred ~6-8 weeks post-infection.  We observed CD4 T cell depletion concomitant with the rise in viremia. Positive antibody responses to HIV antigens (env, gag, RT) could also be detected by Western blotting.

Note that several other humanized mouse models are currently under development. These include the use of PBMCs instead of stem cells to engraft immunodeficient mice and construction of humanized mouse models using neonatal instead of adult mice. Given our extensive experience and expertise in small animal surgery, mouse models may be customized as per investigator requirements.

Learn more about our Humanized Neonatal Mouse Center (HNMC) at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute.

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