hNSG: NSG (NOD/SCID IL-2 receptor gamma chain knockout, Jackson Laboratories, stock#005557) mice engrafted with human CD34+ hemopoeitic stem cells demonstrate high level reconstitution with human immune cells. The humanized NSG (hNSG) mice can be used to set up small animal models of human infectious diseases and test the efficacy of antimicrobials. This mouse model is being extensively used to establish HIV infection models and testing of various therapeutic strategies involving the use of siRNA, zinc finger nucleases and topical microbicides. This model has also been used to study various cancers of the human immune cells including AML, ALL and Multiple Myeloma. However, it is to be noted that human T cell development in this mouse model is delayed which calls for further modifications/enhancement of this model.

More information on the development and ongoing research involving different humanized mouse models can be found in the ‘Relevant Literature’ section.