The Marasco Lab launched its Humanized Mouse Program in June 2011 as a Harvard University Center for AIDS Research (HU-CFAR) funded small animal core facility for the study of HIV pathogenesis as well as to test novel prophylaxis, drug and immunotherapies.  More recently, due to the rising interest and success of these humanized mice, our growing experience in the field and the development of new and improved humanized mouse models, we have extended our capabilities and breadth of models.

The Lab currently offers humanized mouse models in the form of research collaborations to:

  • Harvard Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) research community

  • non-CFAR investigators at Harvard University/Medical School

  • other academic institutions, nationally and internationally

Investigators interested in studying stem cell fate and function in vivo
including stem cell mediated tissue repair and other translational projects
can learn more at the our Humanized Neonatal Mouse Center (HNMC) at the
Harvard Stem Cell Institute.


The Lab is also actively working with industry in the form of collaborative sponsored research programs.

We encourage you to contact us, start a dialog and see if we help your animal studies achieve a higher level of speed and quality.


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